Wally 32 – Fixed Wall Hydroponic Gardening System

Wally 32 – Fixed Wall Hydroponic Gardening System

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Transform a simple wall into a sanctuary for growing delicious and natural fruits and vegetables every day. The possibilities are endless with the Wally 32 – the hydroponic system that makes the most of your spaces to elevate the experience of growing your own food.  


  • Removable trench cover for easy cleaning and convenient root pruning.
  • Keeps a minimum water level that protects your plants against power outages.
  • Wide root channels that allow for long-term growth and continuous harvesting.
  • Made of BPA-free, food-grade plastic for ultimate weather resistance and healthy plant growth.
  • Easy assembly with household tools for quick installation and smooth operation.
  • Option to connect to a permanent faucet for automatic water filling that saves you time.
  • Suitable for growing large fruits & vegetables like eggplant, pepper, cucumber, zucchini and watermelon. 


Width: 53" (135 cm)

Height: 67" - 71" (170 cm - 180 cm)

Depth: 4" (10 cm) excluding reservoir

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Olga M.
Awaiting First Harvest

I bought the system a week ago and it is already installed on the wall on the balcony. So far, everything has gone smoothly and I am eagerly awaiting the first harvest.

Charles Raymond.

I ordered my three hydroponic systems from NatureTech. The purchasing process was excellent, the product arrived well-packaged with all parts organized and the instructions clear and understandable. Since the purchase, I have been receiving assistance and support through various channels. The folks at NatureTech are professional and service-oriented, and I warmly recommend them to both beginners and advanced users in the world of hydroponics.

High School Educational Setup
Hydroponics into the Classroom

Thank you to NatureTech for helping us choose this wonderful system for our science classroom. The students assembled the system and lighting themselves, planted it, and are now learning and experimenting with urban agriculture. The covers of the channels are liftable, which provides additional access and observation into the fascinating world of roots. The lesson plans we received help me as a teacher to learn about this hydroponic field and to convey it to the students in a fun, hands-on way.

Yields Great Joy

Before I bought the system, I had many questions, all of which were answered with professionalism and patience. The assembly was easy and I learned the maintenance relatively quickly. Today, there are already dozens of cucumbers on the vines, my daughter picks them every day before going to school, and tending to the system has become my favorite part of the day. I highly recommend this hydroponic experience.

Nora Stevens
Highly Recommended

I ordered the Wally from the NatureTech website. The package arrived quickly but the water reservoir was broken. Within two days, I received a replacement and was able to install the system. So far, I am satisfied with both how it looks and the ease of operation and growth rate.

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